Cripps Pink

With an attractive shape and color, very distinct to Cripps Pink, this apple draws attention to its red skin color with shaded blocks of magenta. A slight dotted cream color can be appreciated in the background. It feels very firm to the touch, even in prolonged storage. This apple is crispy to the taste, of good texture and almost creamy due to its consistency. Its acidic flavor stands out, though its sweetness is not overshadowed and it has a strongly emphasized acidic taste at the tip. For those who enjoy acidity, it is a great alternative. This makes it a fresh apple with a lot of character. It is recommended to be eaten cold, between 10 -14 C.

Due to its acidity and texture, it adapts well in cooked recipes and can be sautéed in pork gravy, although, it’s captivating color will not be appreciated when cooked. An alternative could be to create rosettes using the apple peel to decorate the plate.

Granny Smith

With an intense green color, this attractive apple has remained in prolonged storage. It is firm to the touch and of medium density. Being that this apple is not strong in character, it adapts to many alternatives of consumption, from school snacks to the kitchen, in pies or salads. A great way to serve this apple is in Julienne cut, leaving the skin on, and placing it with celery sticks, walnuts, and yogurt vinaigrette with fine herbs.

Its acidity and sweetness will add a complexity of flavor to any salad.

Royal Gala

With an intense red color and occasional well-defined red-orange streaks with shades of yellow, which blend well with the distinct purplish-red streaks of Royal Gala. This apple feels firm to the touch, even in prolonged storage, although it is light and low in density. It has a mild flavor, it is well balanced, rather sweet, firm and easy to eat.

It is an apple for fresh consumption due to its balance and effortless bite. It adapts well as a school snack, especially those sized between 120 and 150.